Stove Installer

Whether you need a new stove installed, need your existing stove replaced or need  your chimney or flue repaired or replaced, we can help you. We install all types of stoves, including fitted stoves, free standing stoves and insert stoves, and both wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves. We have completed many stove installations throughout Kerry, West Limerick and North Cork. 

J O Connor Sevices - HETAS Registered Stove Installer Kerry



Heres the process of 2 stoves been install

Here’s a free standing stove we installed for a client recently. We prepared the area and built up the surround in brick. We then installed this boiler stove, complete with exposed flue, for a few feet, before joining it to an existing chimney.

Below is an example of an insert stove we installed for a client, into an existing fireplace. Having secured the structure of the existing chimney breast, we built up the required amount under the stove. We fitted the stove and plastered the chimney wall, leaving a smooth complete finish. 

Chimneys and Flues

If you are installing a new stove, you will need a way for the smoke to be directed outside, usually above the roof level. We can install a chimney or flue for you, with many options available, depend on your circumstances and needs.


If you have clearance directly above your stove, right through to your roof an internal Twin Wall Flue is ideal. The twin wall flues we use, can be finished in a range of colours and can really add to a room.


If bringing your flue up through your room is not an option, twin wall flues can be brought out through an external wall and brought to the required height outside your house. They are fully weatherproof and designed for internal or external use.

Chimney Problems

If you are having problems like a sooty smell in your house, or smoke being blown back down your chimney, we can help you. We can inspect your existing chimney or flue for cracks or leaks. We can then recommend a number of options for you, such as fitting a chimney cowl, chimney relining, repair or if necessary, chimney replacement.

Want a new Stove Installed

If  you need a new stove to be install or have issues with the one you have now and need advice. please call us now.