Chimney Sweeping

At J O’ Connor services we specialize in Chimney Sweeping using the Rodtech System which is a form of Power Sweeping in all Kerry, Cork and Limerick. Chimney Cleaning a must service that needs done frequency to home who uses the fire place or stove a lot over the year.  to provide the avoidance of chimney fires and a build up of Carbon Monoxide. Unlike traditional sweeping, with Power Sweeping you get:

  • The cleanest sweep – the brush head expands to suit the flue giving maximum reach.
  • A safer sweep – traditional sweeps can damage the structure of your chimney.

We can also check to seen if you chimney is safe and can provide the service of redoing your chimney if necessary. 


Having your chimney swept on a regular basis reduces the risk of chimney fires and allows for proper venting of dangerous combustion gases, for example reducing the risk of carbon monoxide in your home.

The latest statistics from the department of the environment show that there were almost 4,000 fires in Ireland in 2012, the cause of which was the chimney, flue and soot.

This is the most common cause of household fires and accounted for more than 1/4 of all fires attended by the Fire Brigade.

Carbon Monoxide is a common, colorless, odorless, tasteless gas, produced during the combustion of carbon based fuels such as wood, coal, gas and oil. It is extremely harmful if inhaled and may result in death if present in sufficient quantities or if a person is exposed for a sufficient length of time or over a protracted period. Two people die each year in Ireland specifically from Carbon Monoxide poisoning relating to home heating problems.

Here are some videos of our process

You can see the chimney inspection equipment we use, where we can see the lining of the chimney along its entire length.We will be able to visually identify any cracks or weaknesses that exist.

We use the tidiest and cleanest methods available and will ensure your house remains as clean as when we got there.